Preaching in a Post-Trust Age | En Route
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Preaching in a Post-Trust Age | En Route

Methodist Bishop and writer, Will Willomon has this to say about preaching. “Preaching is an attack - it is an invasion from Jesus into an unbelieving world.”
Willomon is right that preaching is about an invading Jesus into an unbelieving world, but how do you do that in an age where people don’t trust institutions like the church?
For Pastor Brian Christopher Coulter, preaching means restoring trust.
Brian is the pastor of First Presbyterian in Ft. Worth. He’s a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA) where he has been a congregational consultant for the Presbyterian Mission Agency. He is a regular contributor to Presbyterian Outlook Magazine and the author of the book Be Holy. In this episode, we talk about the craft of preaching and what it means to preach in these very, interesting times.
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