Episode 168: January 6 in Three Acts with Andrew Donaldson and Dennis Sanders
Church and MainJanuary 07, 2024
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Episode 168: January 6 in Three Acts with Andrew Donaldson and Dennis Sanders

This episode originally aired January 5, 2022.

On the three-year anniversary of January 6, 2021, and at the start of a momentous presidential election year, Dennis reflects on the day and the American future in three acts with fellow podcaster and writer Andrew Donaldson.

Heard Tell with Andrew Donaldson

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0:00:34 Introduction to Church in Maine podcast
0:06:10 Introduction: Setting the Stage for January 6th
0:08:10 Act 3: Concluding Thoughts on January 6th
0:10:04 Praying in Light of Today's Events
0:12:03 Failing to Uphold the Ideals of Unity
0:12:37 Seeking God's Help in Uncertain Times
0:14:36 Reflecting on the January 6th Insurrection Investigation
0:15:53 Setting the Context for the January 6th Committee
0:18:00 Doubts on Obtaining Truth from the Committee
0:24:21 Recognizing the Disease: Lack of Respect in Government
0:27:59 Relitigating January 6th: Counterproductive and Damaging
0:30:48 Waking Up to a Nightmare: 1983 and its Significance
0:33:37 Abel Archer and the Close Call of Nuclear War
0:35:36 Generation X and the Fear of Nuclear War
0:38:50 Palpable fear and uncertainty in America
0:41:22 January 6th: Epiphany and the Story of King Herod
0:43:47 Bethlehem's Horror & January 6th Parallels
0:45:49 Living, Helping, and Trusting Amidst Turmoil
0:46:50 The Ultimate Defeat of Evil
0:48:25 Praying for Strength and Trust in Hard Times

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