Episode 158: A Tale of Congregational Hope and Renewal with Grayhame Bowcott
Church and Main Podcast VideosNovember 18, 202300:41:17

Episode 158: A Tale of Congregational Hope and Renewal with Grayhame Bowcott

Thousands of churches closed their doors and ceased active ministry every year bringing to an end decades of active ministry. But can a church come back from the dead and start again? In this episode, we talk to Anglican priest Grayhame Bowcott about the rebirth of St. Annes church in rural Ontario, Canada that went from “six very miserable Anglicans who had experienced the scarcity model of the church into a congregation of 55 who were there on a regularity.”

Show notes:
Grayhame's bio webpage ( https://www.parishofthebluemountains.ca/users/the-revd-dr-grayhame-bowcott--4 )

Article on St. Annes in Anglican Journal ( https://anglicanjournal.com/an-undercurrent-of-growth-making-a-church-of-disciples-in-a-secular-age/ )

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Episode 158
November 7, 2023

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