Episode 169: Death, Dying and Caregiving with Andrew Donaldson
Church and Main Podcast VideosJanuary 20, 202400:58:53

Episode 169: Death, Dying and Caregiving with Andrew Donaldson

The sight of former President Jimmy Carter at his wife's funeral gave a lesson in what it means to be actively dying, even if the lesson was lost on those commenting on social media. In this episode, frequent guest Andrew Donaldson joins the show as he and Dennis talk about death and dying as well as being caregivers to their parents following health emergencies recently.

Show notes:

We Should Talk More About Dying, Cause You Will ( https://heardtell.substack.com/p/we-should-talk-more-about-dying-cause ) by Andrew Donaldson

Lectionary Q Podcast ( https://lectionaryq.substack.com/podcast )

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Church and Main
Episode 169
January 20, 2024

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0:00:02 President Jimmy Carter's Lessons on Life, Death, and Caregiving
0:00:54 Introduction to Church in Maine: Faith and Modern Life
0:01:26 Subscribing to the podcast and leaving a helpful review
0:02:13 Life-Altering Stroke: A New Chapter Begins
0:03:27 Anxiety, Blessings, and the Role Reversal in Caregiving
0:07:30 Examining Our Culture's Handling of Death and Dying
0:15:19 The Evolution of Retirement and Elderly Care
0:17:56 Personal Experiences and Realities of Caregiving and Mortality
0:23:09 Rehab and Speech Therapy for TBI Patients
0:26:31 Pre-planning Funeral and End-of-Life Arrangements
0:30:47 Importance of Pre-planning Funerals for Loved Ones
0:33:05 The Perspective on Death: Sky Funeral and Alternatives
0:40:50 The Personal Experience that Shaped a New Mentality
0:46:58 The Unscripted Reality of Death
0:49:53 Happy Funerals and Wasted Lives
0:53:09 Ending the Conversation on Caregiving
0:55:14 The Importance of Supporting Caregivers in Prayers
0:56:12 Prayer and Support for Caregivers
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