Episode 140: Beyond Colorblindness and Antiracism with George Yancey

Episode 140: Beyond Colorblindness and Antiracism with George Yancey

Is racism intractable in American society? Or is racism just a thing of the past and we need to “get over” race?

Colorblindness and antiracism are the leading ways of looking at race in America, but neither has been effective in addressing racial tensions in the United States. Colorblindness ignores the realities of race and in doing so ignores the history of injustice. Antiracism centers racial concerns to such an extent that it alienates people who need to be involved in the process.

In this episode, sociologist George Yancey joins the podcast to talk about how colorblindness and antiracism fall short in tackling the issue of race and offers a third way- mutual accountability - as a way where we can move from racial division to racial reconciliation.

Show notes:

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