Episode 146: The Spirit-Filled Institution with Juan Sarmiento

Episode 146: The Spirit-Filled Institution with Juan Sarmiento

Mainline Protestant churches haven’t always done a good job of focusing on the role the Holy Spirit plays in the life of our churches and that’s a shame because the Holy Spirit is what makes church more than just a social club that meets on Sunday mornings.

In this episode, I am honored to have Juan Sarmiento as my guest. A native of Venezuela and ordained in Brazil, Juan is the Executive Presbytery of the Presbytery of San Fernando, a Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA) located in the Northwest of the Los Angeles metro area. We talk about the role of the Spirit in the life of the church, the new churches taking root in his Presbytery, and the importance of the church as an institution, especially in this time of polarization.

What Does Denominational Decline Look Like?- by Ryan Burge

San Fernando Presbytery website

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