Episode 148: Second Thoughts on the Second Coming with Robert Cornwall
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Episode 148: Second Thoughts on the Second Coming with Robert Cornwall

The Second Coming. Armageddon. The End Times. Since its beginning at Pentecost, Christians have long wondered if and when Christ would return as promised in the Bible. Books and movies have all wondered: when is Jesus coming back?

But what are Christians to think about all of this, especially Mainline Protestants? Some are dismissive, but many people just have nothing to say.

In this episode, I chat with Pastor Robert Cornwall, who along with theologian Ronald Allen wrote Second Thoughts About the Second Coming: Understanding the End Times, Our Future and Christian Hope. We talk about why it matters that Christians think about the End and what all of this means for our own faith.

Show Notes:

Second Thoughts on the Second Coming Book

Robert Cornwall’s Bio on Amazon

Ponderings on a Faith Journey (Bob’s Blog)

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