Letters From a Broken Church | Episode 179
Church and MainApril 17, 2024
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Letters From a Broken Church | Episode 179

In this episode, I delve into the essence of the podcast and the current state of mainline Protestantism. I share my journey of self-discovery in launching the podcast and reflect on the challenges facing mainline Protestantism, emphasizing the importance of diversity of thought as much as visual diversity. I advocate for reform within the church, highlighting its role as an inclusive space and calling for a balance between tradition and innovation. 

Show notes:

Letters from a Broken Church article written by me

Everything Is Broken by Alana Newhouse

Mainline Struggles in the Rural Midwest by Ryan Burge

The Most Vital Strategy for Mainline Church Growth with Paul Moore | Episode 164

Telling the Truth on Church Decline with Ben Crosby | Episode 132

Why Do Church Buildings Matter in Today’s World? with Loren Richmond Jr. | Episode 167

Lay-Led Church Planting with Laura Cottington | Episode 153

Theological Humility in the Local Church With David Emery | Episode 175


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