Pastoral Leadership and ChatGPT with Jeremy Wilhelmi | Episode 178
Church and MainApril 15, 2024
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Pastoral Leadership and ChatGPT with Jeremy Wilhelmi | Episode 178

Can artificial intelligence hold its own when it comes to the soul-stirring task of crafting spiritual materials? Guest Jeremy Wilhelmi and I embark on an enthralling discussion on the intersection of AI and pastoral ministry. We delve into Jeremy's experiment that tests AI's ability to compose benedictions, prompting us to reflect on whether a machine's output can ever truly resonate with the human heart as deeply as a message born from human experience.

Show Notes: 

Beyond artificial words: The pastoral heart in an age of AI by Jeremy Wilhelmi

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Chapters 0:38 Introduction 2:02 The Role of AI in Pastoral Ministry 11:52 Temptation of Time 13:29 Fear of Inadequacy 15:57 Ethical Use of AI 24:08 Positive Role of AI 26:28 The Importance of Authenticity 27:50 The Need for Grace 31:43 Advice for Seminary Students 36:57 Cautionary Tale from "WALL-E" 38:33 The Importance of Human Connection 40:25 Contact Information and Farewell