The High Cost of Reconciliation with Joy Moore | BONUS
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The High Cost of Reconciliation with Joy Moore | BONUS

In this bonus episode, I revisit an interview with Joy Moore, a professor of biblical preaching at Luther Seminary. We discussed reconciliation amid societal divisions. Moore shares stories illustrating the challenges of reconciliation and stresses the importance of finding common ground across racial divides. referencing instances like Ann Atwater and C.P. Ellis working together to desegregate schools, showcasing the power of partnerships across racial lines. She also mentions Hawk Newsome from Black Lives Matter emphasizing common values to bridge divides and underscores the importance of viewing each other as fellow humans created in the image of God. 

Show Notes:

Speaking at a Trump Rally Made This BLM Activist an Outcast

Video of Hawk Newsome speaking at Trump Rally

Full Episode with Joy Moore


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0:36 Introduction 3:18 Finding Common Ground 6:03 The Story of Ann Atwater and C.P. Ellis 9:05 Hawk Newsome's Powerful Message