Episode 119: Church in the Time of TikTok
Church and MainNovember 28, 202200:16:4523 MB

Episode 119: Church in the Time of TikTok

So, I’ve been doing these videos of about 5-7 minutes called the Weekly Check-in. I have no idea if people are really interested in them, but I like doing them and I wanted to share a few for the podcast. I want to set up this episode which is called Church in the time of TikTok.

As you know I’ve been the pastor of a small church and one of the things that has been hard over the last year or so is how hard it has been to be church in the aftermath of COVID. People have left the church and I can remember one person telling me he thought the church didn’t have much of a future so he was going to move on. There’s always this feeling that being a pastor means that it’s all on you and it feels so much that to be a successful church is to be a “special” church. I think especially in mainline Protestant churches, you feel that you have to be this big social justice church or basically the Democrats in prayer. And sometimes what I want is a church where we gather for prayer and worship and reading of scripture. I want to be a normie church.

That’s the setup for what you are going to hear. Let let me know what you think of these short talks. I will also put the link to the video in the show notes and there will be other episodes like this in the future.

Church in the Time of TikTok Video

First Christian Church of St. Paul

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