Episode 159: Mainline Churches and Israel-Palestine with Todd Stavrakos
Church and Main Podcast VideosNovember 18, 202300:53:14

Episode 159: Mainline Churches and Israel-Palestine with Todd Stavrakos

In this episode, guest Reverend Todd Stavrakos discusses the stance of mainline churches on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They talk about the lack of nuance in these stances and their impact on relations with the Jewish community. Stavrakos criticizes the one-sided focus on Israel's actions, the failure to condemn terrorist organizations, the issue of antisemitism within the church, and the importance of recognizing it. Show Notes:Presbyterians for Middle East Peace ( https://www.pfmep.org/ )Pathways 4 Peace ( https://www.pathways4peace.org/ )Presbyterian Church vote declaring Israel an apartheid state upsets Jewish groups ( https://www.washingtonpost.com/religion/2022/07/15/presbyterian-church-vote-declaring-israel-an-apartheid-state-upsets-jewish-groups/ )
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Church and Main
Episode 159
November 15, 2023

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