Episode 122: Andrew Donaldson on Ordaining Women in the SBC
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Episode 122: Andrew Donaldson on Ordaining Women in the SBC

A frequent guest returns to talk about the ordination of women in the Southern Baptist Convention and more.

This is the last interview for 2022 and I’m ending it with one of my favorite people to interview: Andrew Donaldson. Donaldson hosts the Heard Tell Podcast and is also a prolific writer for Young Voices and Ordinary Times. I usually have Andrew on to talk about evangelicalism and the Southern Baptists and that’s what we did in this episode. He provides an update on the investigation of the SBC following an explosive report on sexual abuse, and the move to punish congregations that ordain women among other things. We didn’t get to talk as long as I would have liked due to our busy schedules, which just means I will have him back on in the new year.

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