Episode 99: Letters to a New Pastor with Ben Gosden
Church and MainJune 15, 2022
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Episode 99: Letters to a New Pastor with Ben Gosden

"They didn't teach that in seminary." That's the phrase you will hear a pastor say sometimes as they encounter an unexpected situation. But the education of a minister doesn't end when they get their Masters of Divinity degree. Indeed, it is a lifelong education that can last decades.

Methodist pastor Ben Gosden began writing a series of articles on his blog to new pastors, sharing some of the knowledge he's learned in over a decade of ministry. Ben is the Lead Pastor of Trinity United Methodist in Savannah, GA. We talk about what he’s learned in over a decade of being in the pulpit, as well as how to talk about racism and privilege. He even gives me some needed advice.

Covered In the Master’s Dust- Ben’s Website

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